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“Lakeside Country Club is one of Houston’s top private Country Clubs and has been a landmark in this city since 1951. The Club was destroyed in 2017 as a result of Hurricane Harvey leaving the devastated membership with the tough decision to close its doors or rally and rebuild. The members did rally and decided to rebuild a brand new “Best in Class” facility for future generations to come. In November of 2017, Lakeside Country Club hired Tellepsen Builder’s to be their General Contractor. With budgets tight and schedules even tighter, Tellepsen started our journey of putting together a Team of skilled subcontractors that had the expertise to deliver. In that process of selecting the right Team, Camarata Masonry Systems, Ltd became the clear choice for this project’s stone and tile needs because the project required the very best quality and a skilled workforce large enough to meet the schedule. Tellepsen would like to express our sincere appreciation for the outstanding stone and tile work performed by Camarata Masonry Systems on the brand new Lakeside Country Club. Tellepsen could not have asked for a better partner to deliver such a high quality project in record time. The interior designers for Lakeside loved their stone–stone on the floor, stone on the walls, stone on the tops, over fifty different types of stone from all over the country and outside the country, custom carved fireplaces, large format, small format, custom shapes, custom profiles, and anything else one could imagine, all made from stone. The task of getting all of that stone procured, in place, and absolutely perfect on such a significantly compressed schedule was monumental and Camarata delivered–the Project is absolutely beautiful! Lakeside was the first project in my career where the Team actually built the schedule around the stone installation requirements. Tellepsen and Camarata’s project team spent many hours analyzing material delivery dates, the field time required to execute a perfect installation, and how the work would be executed in conjunction with other trades. Room by room, piece by piece, we ultimately came up with a schedule that could work for the Project and we stuck to it every step of the way and we hit our date! The Camarata field team, led by Dale and Lee, was amazing and the quality of work is superb. Camarata has plenty to be proud of with this Team and this project and I look forward to our next big adventure! Thank you for your Partnership and dedication in making Lakeside Country Club a special place!”

T. Pat Pollard, Vice President

Tellepsen Builders

“This is to thank you, your team and the Camarata organization for the results of your successful efforts in the installation of the stone wall cladding and flooring of the lobby of Legacy Union Project at 620South Tryon St. in Charlotte, NC. You did a great job collaborating with the architect and the owner to come up with alternatives and methods to achieve the desired results. The project also had some difficult challenges in coordination of details and schedule that your team was able to meet and exceeded expectations. Your installers are very experienced and best in class to provide a top-quality installation. Your installation team worked very long hours, did the heavy lifting and all was accomplished without a safety incident or accident. We have worked closely with Camarata over the years and without hesitation look forward to working with Camarata on future endeavors. Many thanks to the entire Camarata organization for a job well done!”

Al Miller, Area Manager

Gilbane Building Company

“I would like to stop and take a minute to thank you for all of the service that you have provided for us over the past two plus years on the above referenced project. We really appreciate your committed efforts to help make this a successful project. The new terrazzo and tile installations are very impressive as well as the restoration of existing terrazzo that you and your crew matched with similar patterns and colors far exceeded our expectations. It’s because of subcontractors like Camarata that help keep Skanska on top of their game project after project. Camarata is definitely an “A” player and is a company that you can count on to keep their word and meet their schedules on a consistent basis.”

J.P. Chandler, Project Executive


“Tellepsen Builders recognizes Camarata Masonry Systems as a partner for success. Camarata was avital component to the completion of the Hermann Park Centennial Gardens project. Though there were many challenges for the project team as a whole, Camarata emerged as a leader that gained not only the trust of Tellepsen, but also that of the architect and owner. The Camarata experience starting with estimating, project management, field management, and installation services are second to none.”

Chris Hankins, Project Executive

Tellepsen Builders

“We would like to express our gratitude for the professionalism and dedication to the interior and exterior stone work Camarata Masonry Systems provided on the Prairie View A&M Recreation Center. The ability to meet head on the challenges associated with adverse site conditions, work complexity, and time frame of the schedule, is a credit to your company in being able to complete the project, on time, and without a safety incident. Camarata’s team of experienced, efficient, and hardworking managers, foremen, and craftsmen did an outstanding job, meeting or exceeding our expectations in terms of safety, quality, workmanship, and

Albert N. Ray, AIA, LEED AP, Director of Operations
Moody Nolan

“In my 51 years in the industry, I can’t express how exemplary your performance, attitude and cooperation with all teammates have been through the push to near completion on our project. Roger, Dave, Pee Wee and all of your forces daily led the charge, setting an example for all others to follow. My personal thanks for all Camarata has done for this project.”

Charlie Nelson, Senior Project Executive
Gilbane Building Co.

“As you know, the El Paso project was very complex, generating numerous challenges that provided opportunities for our Trades to excel. In all cases, Camarata rose to the occasion and came through with flying colors.

From the assigned, foreign procurement and expediting of the stone, to the late of start installation you were given; your Team addressed these challenges, in-stride, with a positive, “can-do” attitude that produced an on-time, finished product that ranks at the highest level of quality that I have seen in my 35 years of construction experience.

Whether it was Safety, Schedule, Quality of the work, or just dealing with the day to day red-tape of a project of this size and duration, Camarata provided the leadership and execution that helped make this landmark project the success it has become.”

Stephen G. Crippen, Sr. Project Manager
Gilbane Building Co.

“I would like to thank you for the performance that your company exhibited for us on the Energy Tower II Project. Like most projects, your install duration is condensed towards the end of the project, and we count on you to help close the project out within the contractual schedule.

Energy Tower II faced similar condition, starting with a delayed product selection, which resulted in a product with an even longer lead time than originally anticipated. By the time the bulk of the stone arrived, we had approximately 30 days remaining on the schedule, and with Camarata’s willingness, and proactive scheduling, you were able to perform the work within the schedule, by working extended hours, with up to seven crews at a particular point.

Quality is always a concern when work is accelerated, but with focused installers, and supervision by all parties, the quality of the work turned out beautiful. We received that same high end quality work that we are accustomed to when using your firm.


We thank you again for a stellar performance.”

Robert Burelsmith, Senior Project Manager
E.E. Reed Construction, L.P.

"The quality of the masonry and cast stone work on the circular Chapel and elevated serpentine wall was excellent. The owner representative commented many times that the masonry work was beautiful. Your onsite foreman, Chuck Frock, drove the exterior skin of the project and was a pleasure to work with.

We are proud of the work on this project and look forward to working with Camarata Masonry Systems, Ltd. on future projects.”

Tim O’Malley, Project Manager
W.S. Bellows Construction Corporation

“We wish to express our sincere appreciation for the dedication and commitment to the stonework performed by Camarata Masonry Systems on the One Shell Plaza Project. Considering the safety issues and the complexity of the work, it is a credit to your company to have this project complete on time and without a safety incident.

Camarata’s team of experienced and hard-working managers, foremen and craftsmen have done an outstanding job of preserving this downtown landmark. Harvey Builders looks forward to working with your company in the future.”
Scott Sanders, Project Manager
Harvey Builders

“Turner Construction and myself would like to say thank you for all your company’s hard work and time getting us to the finish line for the first game at the Beaumont ISD Stadium. Without your dedication, we would not have been able to have that first game on the night of August 27th.

While we continue as a team to put the finishing touches on the Natatorium over the next two months, I do want to say that the Turner promise to make the date was met and the football game went great.

Thanks again for being a part of the team and making the commitment date.”

Todd Granato, Project Executive
Turner Construction Company

“I would like to express my gratitude and also applaud the efforts of Camarata on the aforementioned Mitchell Physics Buildings. The design and use of exterior skin elements provided Texas A&M University with a unique and aesthetically pleasing building and more importantly, it does not leak. Camarata’s efforts with the masonry and precast on this project are recognized and appreciated by many.

“From pre-construction planning, to skin coordination meetings, through completion of the exterior, Camarata Masonry was always an involved team member. Whether the issue was how to set and weld precast or how to detail the waterproofing condition behind it, the team could rely on your constructive advice.

Thanks again for a successful project and I look forward to the next one.”

Brad Wendler, Project Manager
Vaughn Construction

“When we stand back and look at the stunning success of Kingwood High School, there’s no wonder that it received the Mason Contractors Association of America TEAM Award. The icing on the cake is the recognition of the Vision Award to Humble ISD for our use of masonry products in design and construction. All of this said, these accomplishments are only attainable when we have opportunities to work with exceptional contractors such as Camarata Masonry Systems.”

Deborah A. Yocham, Director, Facility Planning and Construction
Humble ISD

“I would like to take the time to acknowledge all the dedication and hard work Camarata Masonry has put into AFRC Phase II in order to get the job done. I really appreciate the effort, dignity, sacrifice and time that were given 100% from the employees. I would most definitely like to mention that this job would not be where it is without the help and craftsmanship that Mr. Pistol Fitzgerald portrayed.”

Jeff Hulett, Superintendent

“Vaughn Construction wishes to express our sincere appreciation for the dedication and commitment to the stonework, tile, and masonry performed by Camarata Masonry Systems on the Harris County 1910 Courthouse Restoration Project.

We are specifically appreciative of the assistance throughout the mockup, sampling, and material procurement process for this particular project. Camarata Masonry was known to go above and beyond in this stage, specifically during the historical tile selection process and with their assistance in organizing the trip to the marble fabricator in Tennessee for review of the materials to be utilized on the project.

In addition, Camarata Masonry’s team of hard-working managers, superintendents, and craftsmen played a very important role in making this challenging restoration project a success.

As always, we look forward to working with you on future projects.”

Cade Broussard, Project Manager
Vaughn Construction 

“Camarata Masonry Systems was responsible for the brick and cast stone work on the five level, 132,500 SF. academic building, as well as all concrete masonry unit work in the 260,000 SF. parking garage structure.

At all times from top to bottom the Camarata Masonry Systems on site project management and field administration staff maintained both a professional approach and quality product at all times. The Camarata Masonry Systems commitment to the success of the University of Houston – Downtown’s new College of Business was evident at all times through the course of the project.

We view Camarata as a valuable team member and look forward to both the completion of work currently underway with Camarata, as well to future work together.”

Matt G. Doffing, Project Manager
Manhattan Construction Company 

“We wish to express our sincere appreciation for the masonry and stone work performed on the above referenced project. While you are a new company, your performance met the challenge of meeting our schedules, providing the best service for the cost and pricing of the project and maintaining the fine quality of work expected by G. T. Leach Builders.

Your experienced staff and craftsmanship is commendable. We at G. T. Leach Builders are very proud of the finished exterior & interior work done by Camarata Masonry Systems.

We look forward to working with Camarata Masonry Systems, Ltd. on future projects and to your continued success.”

Gary Leach, Owner

G. T. Leach Builders

“We wish to express our sincere appreciation for the stone work performed on the above referenced project. Mr. Ron Laricci was especially instrumental in delivering a finished product that far exceeded everyone’s expectations. While the architect had a vision of what he was looking for, Mr. Laricci’s dedication to seeking out the perfect natural stone material made the architect’s vision a reality. Without your firm’s expertise in the natural stone arena, the focal point of this project simply would not be what it is today.”

Danny Thompson, Project Manager

Vaughn Construction

“As the completion to the Amegy Bank Teas Plaza comes to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to personally let you know how much I appreciate the efforts made from your team. Successful projects are the result of committed team members and I want to commend your Superintendent Pistol & Foreman Antonio Laredo and his entire team for a job well done. Your staffs’ willingness and ability to assist in problem-solving solutions played a major role in keeping this project on schedule.

Once again, on behalf of Trademark Construction, thank you and all of your staff. I look forward to working with you on future projects.”

Thomas Williamson, Project Superintendent
Trademark Construction

“We wish to express our sincere appreciation for the masonry and stone work performed on the above referenced project. While you are a new company, your performance met the challenge of supplying block, brick, cast stone and limestone per specifications and on schedule. Your experienced staff and craftsmanship is commendable.

We look forward to working with Camarata Masonry Systems, Ltd. on future projects and to your continued success.”

Brian Cook, Texas Division Manager
Hoar Construction, LLC

“We wish to express our appreciation for the masonry work performed on the Methodist Willowbrook Expansion project. Your team’s participation beginning with preconstruction planning and extending through the building construction allowed us to produce a facility that exceeded the owner’s expectations while remaining under budget and completing the project two months ahead of schedule.


I would personally like to commend your onsite supervisor, Doug Mize. Not only did he effectively manage several masonry crews working in multiple locations at a time, he was one of the key leaders of this construction project due to his positive attitude and willingness to participate in resolving issues. I truly appreciate him and his work on this project.”


We look forward to working with Camarata Masonry Systems, Ltd. on future projects and to your continued success.”

Matt Byman, Project Manager
Vaughn Construction

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