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2017 Award: Texas Masonry Council Golden Trowel Award for Outstanding

Project: San Jacinto River Authority

Block/CMU Craftsmanship

The plans for the San Jacinto River Authority (SJRA) Surface Water Facilities were created in response to the current water demands in Montgomery County outpacing the ability for underground aquifers to recharge. To reduce groundwater use, the SJRA constructed a water treatment facility that included a raw water intake, treatment plant, two storage tanks and pumping facilities near the Lake Conroe dam. Camarata Masonry Systems, Ltd. was responsible for the masonry portion on twelve buildings in the new waste water treatment facility. This portion of the project included the supply and installation of:

  • 35,340 each 4”, 6”, 8”, and 12” Regular Lightweight Gray CMU

  • 83,120 each 8” and 12” #713 Limestone Buff Groundface CMU

  • 99,970 each 8” and 12” White Limestone Splitface CMU

  • 7,850 each Thickset 90 Endura Glass Block

  • 70 cf Cast Stone for the Star Medallion on the Raw Water Intake Building

Several components of this project required adaptation of our normal operating procedures. For example, simultaneous work on twelve buildings, located in different areas, required material stock piles and the creation of mixing and cutting stations for each building. In addition, the small area around the Raw Water Intake Building, which was constructed over Lake Conroe, forced all material distribution from the front of the building and necessitated the use of special floating safety vests and tool lanyards, as well as special precautions to avoid accidental loss of materials into the lake.


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