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2014 Award: Associated Builders and Contractors – Houston Excellence in Construction Merit Award

Project: Granite Briarpark Green

Finish Interior

Granite Briarpark Green is a 12 story 316,000 square foot Class A office building with a 6 story parking garage that features a state of the art fitness center. The project took 14 months to complete and was awarded LEED Gold Certification. Camarata Masonry Systems, Ltd. (CMS) was responsible for the supply and installation of 3,700 sq. ft. of 2 cm polished and honed vein cut Roman travertine floors, 1,700 sq. ft. of 2 cm polished fleuri cut Roman travertine walls, 200 sq. ft. of 2 cm polished Spectralite granite base and 200 sq. ft. of 2 cm polished Noche Roman travertine in the elevator cabs. In addition, CMS supplied and installed 23,000 sq. ft. of 12” x 24” porcelain tile in the core restrooms along with 3 cm polished Mascarello granite vanity tops.

CMS addressed several demanding conditions on the project. The fleuri cut (stone cut across the normal bedding plane or “cross cut”) travertine has a different appearance and color than the vein cut travertine. In order to provide a homogeneous look where the stone appeared to have similar characteristics, we had the fabricator slab one half of each block in two directions (one with the bedding plane and one across it). This is highly unusual but resulted in material abutting one another that had been taken from the identical block. Also, the travertine floors had strips of honed and polished material in subtle geometric patterns that are only apparent when viewing the lobby in person. Another subtly difficult condition called for CMS to fabricate and install the Spectralite granite base and the vein cut travertine floors to align with the joints in the rosewood paneling. This had to occur in multiple places in two separate lobbies and a connecting elevator lobby. Finally, the restrooms had tiles that were two different thicknesses. The 12” x 24” New Marmi Olympia tile was thicker than the 1” x 4” New Marmi Deano Real tile. Where the 1” x 4” tile was utilized as bands or inserts, all of the 12” x 24” tile was set first and the bands were blocked out. Then, the area where the bands/inserts occurred was “floated in” to provide the correct substrate depth, thus allowing both tiles to be in the same plane.

The stone and tile provide the perfect contrast to the wood accents and create warm and inviting spaces for the occupants of this Class A office building.


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