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2021 Associated Builders & Contractors Houston Excellence in Construction Merit Award

Project: Barryknoll Apartments

>>> Barryknoll Apartments (now known as The McAdams) is a mid-rise residential complex with an integral parking garage, central courtyard and a rooftop amenity deck. The building’s façade is constructed with a combination of three different colors of brick, Texas limestone, cast stone and large format porcelain tile slabs. The courtyard and amenity deck elements are constructed of imported Chinese limestone. The parking garage is mostly embedded within the structure, thus highlighting only the heavily articulated masonry façade.

Our scope of work consisted of: • 20,920 each of lightweight CMU • 357,410 each of ACME Baja Blend king-size brick • 149,060 each of ACME Ridgmar king-size brick • 59,300 each of ACME Slate Gray king-size brick • 4,640 square feet of buff colored 4” thick cast stone • 5,410 square feet of 4” thick Texas buff limestone • 4,530 square feet of cut-to-size 2” thick Chinese buff colored limestone • 50 square feet of Neolith 6MM thick large format porcelain slabs

The project duration was 15 months from start to finish. Our work was completed on time and under budget. We utilized a combination of tubular welded frame scaffold, multi-point suspended swing stage scaffold and lightweight swing stage scaffold, thus enabling us to work on multiple areas simultaneously in order to keep pace with the construction schedule.

The building itself has a very large footprint that encompasses an entire city block. This made the distribution of men and materials quite challenging. Construction sequencing required the central courtyard be constructed first and access to this area was restricted to a single story opening that was eventually enclosed by a masonry wall and gated to a single entry point. Work on the street level involved the installation of a cast stone base course and all three colors of brick. The brick, cast stone and mortar materials for the upper floors were stocked on each level and then fed to the masons through window openings. Amenity deck materials were transported to the rooftop via the parking garage ramps and the mortar and grout for that area were mixed atop the roof deck itself.


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